About Us

About Us

Get to Know the Faces Behind Pickleball Radar!

Hey there, pickleball enthusiasts! Would you like to know about us? We’re the crew behind pickleballradar.com and are stoked to share our story.

Meet the Team Behind: Learn More About Us

  • I’m Sarah, but folks around here call me ‘Smash.’ I’ve got a wicked overhead smash and am the go-to gal for testing and reviewing pickleball paddles.
  • Then there’s Mike, aka ‘Spin Master.’ I’ve got a spin shot that can make your head spin, and I handle all the nitty-gritty technical stuff on the site. If you need the scoop on pickleball gear, I’m your guy.
  • Ella, also known as ‘Dink Duchess,’ is our net game queen. She’s got the soft touch of royalty and is all about net systems, court gear, and anything that helps you rule the kitchen.
  • Finally, there’s Liam, or ‘Lob King,’ as we call him. If you’ve seen a lob shot that defies gravity, chances are it’s his handiwork. Liam’s our footwear and apparel expert, ensuring you’re comfy and stylish on the courts.

How We Became Pickleball Enthusiasts: Our Journey in the Industry

Our adventure with Pickleball Radar started with friendly games of pickleball and countless chats about gear. We realized there was a hunger for honest, no-nonsense reviews and tips in the pickleball community.

That’s when our buddy Orrin Maverick, a content creator with a passion for storytelling, joined the crew. Together, we decided to create a place where pickleball players like us could find trustworthy advice and a sense of community. Thus, Pickleball Radar was born.

The Pickleball Radar Experience

You’re not just browsing through reviews and guides when you visit our website. You’re stepping into our world of pickleball excitement and camaraderie. We put our hearts into every article and review, striving to give you the lowdown on everything pickleball-related.

We’ve got everything from paddle deep dives that dissect every aspect to articles that help you perfect your game. What sets us apart is our passion for the sport. We’re not just gear nerds; we’re pickleball lovers like you.

Pickleball Radar isn’t just about us—it’s about building a community. We’re here to share our knowledge, learn from your experiences, and grow together as pickleball enthusiasts.

So, make Pickleball Radar your go-to whether you’re looking for advice on your first paddle or aiming to stay updated on the latest gear. We’re your pickleball buddies, always just a click away.

In a nutshell, we’re a bunch of pickleball fanatics who want to make your journey more enjoyable. So, grab your paddles, hit the courts, and remember, we’ve got your back here at pickleballradar.com.