Best Pickleball Drills for Intermediate Players

Since pickleball is easy, you need some basic skills to play this game. If you acclimatize the basic skills, you can play pickleball well. But you must learn and practice some drills to play it better.

Whether you are a sportsperson or not, you must have heard about pickleball. Nowadays, pickleball is the most entertaining and admired sport worldwide. As it is an easy game to start and play, people of all ages love it.

Since pickleball is easy, you need some basic skills to play this game. If you acclimatize the basic skills, you can play pickleball well. But you must learn and practice some drills to play it better.

In this, you will know the best pickleball drills for intermediate players, some other drills, and a perfect plan to improve your pickleball playing style.

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Why Should You Drill Regularly?

Image depicting an instructional pickleball scene, with the right side featuring an active player engaged in a wall drill on a court, highlighting the importance of practice. On the left side, the text 'Why Should You Drill Regularly?' prompts the viewer's curiosity about consistent training, and is further explained by the statement below it: 'To become a good player from the beginning, you must drill regularly.' At the image's bottom, the URL '' is displayed, suggesting that this website is a source for further pickleball training and resources.

When you want to play pickleball better, you must work on drills. Uniquely, these exercises are designed to work on a particular skill a player wants to improve. Undoubtedly, pickleball is an easy game to learn and start playing. If you practice this sport regularly, you will become a good player.

To become a good player from the beginning, you must drill regularly. With the help of drilling, you can practice a specific skill or shot and become an expert. Also, drilling helps you to increase concentration and muscle memory. Along with muscle memory, it improves your control and efficiency as well.

Furthermore, drilling helps you to become an expert in a particular skill. So you feel good, even if you are a beginner or intermediate player. It gives you the confidence to pay full attention to the game.

While learning the best pickleball drills for intermediate players, don’t forget to check out our tips for improving your game. Our “Pickleball Tips for Intermediate Players” article offers advice to take your skills to the next level.

How to Get the Most Out of Drilling?

You must practice in ideal circumstances to get the most drills in pickleball. Perfect circumstances mean having the proper drill selection, materials, and partners for practicing.

  • Right drill selection: Before practicing, you must inquire about your disabilities. You must inspect your playing style and find the mistakes. Choosing the right drill for you will be easy whenever you discover mistakes. After seeing the error, work on it and improve the skill like an expert.
  • Materials or Equipment: The extent of materials or equipment depends on the drill you have chosen to practice. But we recommend having some extra of your needed equipment.

    On the other hand, if you are not practicing drills on the actual court or against the wall, measure the distance with tape. Even in practice, maintaining the proper distance is necessary to hit a perfect shot.
  • Right partner: Choosing the right partner is more important than anything to get the most out of drilling. If you choose the right partner, your playing skills will skyrocket. However, your partner should be an expert or a player of your skill level.

Best Pickleball Drills for Intermediate Players

Infographic presenting 'Best Pickleball Drills', centered with a visual of a player performing a drilling exercise using a paddle and ball. The principle title is linked to six different drills, represented by arrows. In the top right section, 'Third Shot Drop' is labeled, accompanied by a description of its focus on muscle memory and executing a long dink. Below it, 'Bert and Erne' is detailed, a drill executed from outside the court aiming for precision close to the net. 'Serving Accuracy' follows, advocating repetitive target practice to enhance serving precision. On the top left, 'Triangle Dinking' is described, emphasizing a strategy to keep the opponent guessing through marked dinking patterns. 'Pickleball Volley' sits beneath, accentuating the importance of maintaining volley exchanges without letting the ball touch the ground. Anchoring the bottom left, 'Shadow Swing' is recommended for improving swing technique through mimicking backhand and forehand shots sans ball. The infographic footer displays '', suggesting this as a resource for drill information and guidance.

After becoming an intermediate player from a beginner, we must be able to find out which skill we need to focus on. After discovering your downsides, you should focus on the proper drills and practice more. Triangle Dinking and Third Shot Drop are the best pickleball drills for intermediate players.

Triangle Dinking

Many pickleball players become overconfident while playing. Some intermediate players especially believe in being too predictable with their drinks. Even they put the balls in the same place several times as well.

On the contrary, in triangle dinking drills, you construct a triangle mark around you and so to your opponent. Hence, your opponent keeps guessing when you dink back and forth and touch the marks. Additionally, you can play back and forehand shots beautifully with this drill.

Third Shot Drop

Although there is a conflict, most pickleball players admit that the third shot drop is the foremost shot in pickleball. A perfect third drop shot can lead you to a smooth win. Also, there is an old saying in pickleball that whoever controls the net controls the game.

The third shot drop is mainly a trick of muscle memory and long dink. Muscle memory is your body’s capability to remember and repeat a particular action without conscious effort. The third shot drop drill is best for a player in a non-volley zone where his opponent is close to the baseline.

Pickleball Drills for Two Intermediate Players

In pickleball, it is fun to play in pairs. By playing in pairs, you can improve your skills too. Before playing, you must practice drills in pairs as well. The best pickleball drills for a couple of intermediate players are Volley, Bert, and Erne.

Pickleball Volley

The pickleball volley seems very easy to play and practice. Though easy, this drill is enough to test your volleying skills. Additionally, it is also suitable for improving your skills as well.

The pickleball volley is the best drill for practicing back-and-forth shots. You must ensure the ball doesn’t touch the ground in this drill. Furthermore, this drill is best for the intermediate players to improve their skills and play better, whether in a pair or solo.

Bert and Erne

If you wonder which shot most expert pickleball players do? Undoubtedly, the answer is Bert and Erne. It is considered the most advanced pickleball shot. Together, it takes a lot of time to get right or perfect. As an intermediate player, you must practice this shot drill, and it will make you an expert.

Basically, the Bert and Erne pickleball drill is shot from outside the court. The shot can be taken from the left or right side but should be close to the net. Again, it is one of the best shots to break your opponents.

Pickleball Solo Drills

Although pairing with someone your level is fun, finding the perfect partner can be tricky. Therefore, it is imperative to know some solo drills. Also, these drills can help you to improve your skills and playing style.

Shadow Swing

The shadow swing drill is best to improve your swinging activities. In this drill, you must imitate your backhand and forehand shots without hitting a ball. You heard that right. It may look brainless to hit the air with a paddle. So, you better practice this drill alone.

Your swing skill and whole playing style will improve through this drill. You will learn better control and spin through this drill.

Serving Accuracy

By the name, you can predict what the drill is about. To practice this drill, you must set up some objects you want to hit. Hit them repeatedly; as a result, your serving accuracy will increase.

Pickleball Wall Drills

For a sports person, staying home a day without practicing is pathetic. Especially those who play pickleball can’t even think of a single day without pressing or playing it. So, when they can’t go to the field or court, they can practice these two drills with the help of a wall.

Hit The Target

Hitting the target is the best drill to improve your control over the ball and the exactness of targeting. In this drill, you have to mark a spot on a wall. After that, you must hit that spot from different eagles and distances.

Drive and Move

In this drill, you must drive the ball against the wall and move fast where it will rebound. This drill will improve your footwork, fitness, and accuracy.

How to Drill: Practice Like a Pickleball Pro | Ben Johns

Pickleball Drills at Home for All Skill Levels

There are some easy drills that you can practice at home without going to the court. These practice routines can help you improve your game, regardless of whether you’re just starting or an experienced player. You can practice these drills without any equipment.

Footwork Exercises

Speed and agility are crucial for excelling at pickleball. The footwork exercises help you to maintain a good position on the court and have complete control over the game.

There is so much footwork that you can do to improve yourself. Some of the footwork is bending your knees and shuffling side to side between two lines.


Sprint is the most manageable drill for pickleball. Also, sprinting is the most common exercise in almost every game. Sprints are not only good for your legs but also your heart, body, and whole fitness.

Fun Pickleball Drills

No matter how laborious an exercise or drill is, if you enjoy it, it is fun. We mentioned some hard drills earlier. With those drills, you can skyrocket your playing style. Now, we will recommend some drills that are fun to do.

Reflex Training

Reflex training is likely fooling or confusing your opponent with your continuous movements. In this drill, you have to move back and forth repeatedly and twist your partner. After successfully confusing him, he hit a hard shot at them.

Catch and Return

This exercise is designed to help you gain mastery over ball control. You have the advantage of being a step ahead of your rival. Indeed, if you can control the ball, you will win the game. The actual intention of this drill is to make the oncoming shot numb and make a powerful shot in return.

What Are the Basic Skills Needed for Pickleball?

This infographic features a visual breakdown of essential pickleball skills, with a half-body illustration of a pickleball player holding a paddle and ball on the right-hand side of the frame. To the left, a prominent header reads 'Basic Skills Needed For Pickleball', indicating the core topic of the infographic. Below the header, four key skills are listed in separate boxes, reading from top to bottom: Balance, Footwork, Reflexes, and Control. Each skill is presumably elaborated within its own box. The website '' is positioned at the bottom left, serving as a point of reference for further information on pickleball skills.

As we know, pickleball is a fun and easy game to play. It requires some basic skills to play well. If you practice and improve these skills, you will become an expert in pickleball in a few days. Furthermore, most of the drills are aimed at enhancing these essential skills.

  • Balance: Balance is the most essential thing to play good pickleball. When you are well-balanced, it will reflect on your shots. Your shots must be balanced to have a smooth win.
  • Footwork & Stance: The correct position helps you to have a good balance. With the perfect footwork and stance, you will rule over the game.
  • Reactions/Reflexes: Reaction and reflexes are essential skills to play good pickleball. You are one step ahead of your opponent when you have good hand and eye coordination.
  • Control: Likewise, a good balance and sound control is also essential. You should practice more and more challenging to have reasonable control over the ball.

How to Plan an Effective Drilling Session?

Your gameplay will improve if you find the perfect drill and work hard. Before starting a drilling session, you must have a plan. A solid plan can simplify your tasks like never before.

Furthermore, when you are setting up your plan, you must consider these points:

  • Downsides: You must find out your weak points first. When planning your drilling session, you must give more time to the weak zone.
  • Time management: You must consider how often you can practice the drills. Also, think how much time you can give each drill you want to practice.
  • Equipment: Your drilling practice will differ if you have a partner or do it alone. Again, having access to the pickleball court or machine will also make your plan different.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are drills in pickleball?

Pickleball drills are the most important exercise. Mainly, the drills are designed to improve specific skills. Whenever you start to play pickleball, you must do drills. Also, drills will help to overcome all the drawbacks you have.

What are the top workouts for getting in shape for pickleball?

Pickleball is one of the most entertaining games now all over the world. In addition, it is not just a sport but also an exercise that helps you to move your body playfully. Although it is an exercise, you still need to exercise to make your gameplay better. The best practices to train for pickleball are:

  1. Ball control.
  2. Reaction time.
  3. Hand and eye coordination.
  4. And some strength exercises.

How can I improve my pickleball skills?

As we mentioned, pickleball is now the most entertaining game. Pickleball welcomes players from every generation and gender thanks to its user-friendly nature that makes starting and playing a breeze. Nonetheless, consistent play is vital to refining your pickleball abilities. To improve your playing style, you must:

  1. Be a partner with a player of your level or even better.
  2. Find your defects and work on them.
  3. Keep track of your progress.

What are the five common faults in pickleball?

Pickleball is known for being an easy sport to get into. Even so, beginners can make some silly mistakes. But if they work hard and play regularly, they can play like an expert in a few days. The common errors are:

  1. They hold the paddle with excessive force.
  2. They smash the ball too early.
  3. Often, they break the non-volley zone.

What’s the most essential ability to master in pickleball?

Pickleball is an entertaining and easy-to-play game. But it requires some small skills. Although every skill is essential for playing this game better than before, the most critical skills are:

  1. Control.
  2. Reaction and reflexes.
  3. Balance.

Bottom Line

In a word, drills are the foremost things to improve your pickleball skills, leading to better performance on the court. As a result, your ratings in pickleball will surely go up.

Generally speaking, drills are needed the most to improve for an intermediate player. In this article, we mentioned the best pickleball drills for intermediate players. So, without further delay, grab your pickleball paddle, start practicing, and make yourself a better player.

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