Who are the Top Female Pickleball Players in the World?

In recent years, pickleball has grown in popularity, which has increased the number of talented players. Whereas top female pickleball players are leaving a significant mark on this fastest-growing sport.

According to USA Pickleball, more than 40% of the total estimated pickleball players in the country are women. Not only that, the population is also growing slightly faster than men. This exhibits great women’s pickleball skills and strongly represents women in the pickleball community.

But who are these women representing women’s pickleball? There are several individuals making waves in the women’s pickleball community. However, the women listed below undoubtedly represent the best of the best in women’s pickleball, despite disagreement over who the best players are.

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Who are the Top Female Pickleball Players in the World?

Top Female Pickleball Players

We have brought our 7 most favorite female pickleball players according to their playing style and achievements, not ranking. Check out each player’s accomplishments, records, and history below to learn more about them in pickleball.

Player NameAgeWomen’s Single RankWomen’s Double RankDUPR (Doubles Rating)
Anna Leigh Waters16116.12
Anna Bright23625.99
Catherine Parenteau29235.95
Lea Jansen30585.84
Simone Jardim4410115.81
Jorja Johnson1615215.71
Irina Tereschenko4017255.68

Our 7 Top Female Pickleball Players in 2023

You know pickleball is growing so fast. The population of the United States, like pickleball, is about 6 million. And the Pickleball Association of America claims that 40% of the players are women.

So here I will tell you the 7 top-ranked female pickleball players:

#1 Anna Leigh Waters – Our Top Female Pickleball Player in 2023

Anna Leigh Waters - Top Female Pickleball Player

Quick Info

Resides:Boynton Beach, FLTurned Pro:2019
Age:16Height: 5’6″
Plays:Righ-handedPaddle:Paddletek Bantam TS-5
Anna Leigh Waters‘s Info

Anna Leigh Waters is one of the brightest stars in the pickleball community. The US Open and the USAPA National Championship are only two of the titles the teen queen of pickleball has already won.

It’s uncommon to have a sport that is so accessible that a 12-year-old can launch a career at the highest level. Moreover, By age 15, Anna already had six gold medals from the US Open, seven PPA Triple Crowns, and six USAPA national gold medals.

Waters is a talent to watch in the upcoming years because of her athleticism and aggressive style of playing.

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#2 Anna Bright

Anna Bright

Quick Info

Resides:Pompano Beach, FLTurned Pro:2018
Age:23Height: 5′ 8″
Plays:Right-handedPaddle:JOOLA Anna Bright Scorpeus CFS 14
Anna Bright’s Info

The uprising superstar of pickleball, Anna Bright, was a part of the UC Berkeley women’s varsity tennis team and ranked #13 in the country. Furthermore, in the year 2018, she became a pro pickleball player. Thereafter, she joined the MLP Team Ranchers and the APP circuits. Currently, she is a Gold Card touring pro with the PPA.

Bright is known for her fast hand movements, quick response, and consistency. As has been noted, she improved her techniques by taking advantage of living in Florida, where she can practice regularly with other skilled pickleball players.

In addition, after quitting her full-time job, this pro-female pickleball player has achieved remarkably and currently ranking #2, just after Anna Leigh Waters.

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#3 Catherine Parenteau

Catherine Parenteau

Quick Info

Resides:Naples, FLTurned Pro:2016
Age:28Height: 5′ 5″
Plays:Right-handedPaddle:Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta
Catherine Parenteau‘s Info

Catherine Parenteau, a former Canadian tennis champion, is one of the top female pickleball players in the world. In fact, just behind Anna Leigh Waters in the current Pro Women’s Singles World Ranking is Catherine Parenteau with 11698 points.

Catherine Parenteau hails from Montreal, Canada. She started playing tennis at 14, became one of the top 5 tennis players in Canada while playing for Michigan State University Tennis Team, and was later introduced to pickleball in 2016 by her former tennis coach Simone Jardim. Just 6 months later, she competed in the US Open Pickleball Championship and won the 5.0 mixed bracket.

Since then, Catherine Parenteau has won the US Open Championship three times and thirteen independent PPA Tour titles, competing in both women’s singles and doubles.

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#4 Lea Jansen

Lea Jansen

Quick Info

Resides:Austin, TXTurned Pro:2022
Age:31Height: 5′ 10″
Plays:Righ-handedPaddle:Joola Perseus
Lea Jansen‘s Info

Lea Jansen is the assistant tennis coach at Grand Valley State University. She is a world-class pickleball player and one of the top female players in the world. In the five tournaments Jansen has played since turning professional, she has recorded 13 wins.

Originally from Spokane, Washington, Lea Jansen first started playing pickleball in 2019 after competing in tennis tournaments since she was 8 years old. Without a doubt, her fiery competitiveness has already made him a prominent figure in the pickleball world, and her current score is 8368 points in Pro female single.

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#5 Simone Jardim

Simone Jardim

Quick Info

Resides:Naples, FLTurned Pro:2015
Age:44Height: 5′ 10″
Plays:Righ-handedPaddle:JOOLA Simone Jardim Hyperion CFS 14 Swift
Simone Jardim’s Info

Simone Jardim is widely regarded as one of the best female pickleball players in the world and has over 90 medals from professional competitions.

Jardim, a native of Brazil, has won various awards and is a six-time US Open victor. Furthermore, at the USAPA National Championships, she took home gold in the singles and doubles competitions. However, Jardim retires from professional singles competition at the end of 2022. Jardim, renowned for her power and precision, is a formidable opponent on the court.

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#6 Jorja Johnson

Jorja Johnson

Quick Info

Resides:Boynton Beach, FLTurned Pro:2020
Age:15Height: 5′ 9″
Plays:Righ-handedPaddle:Franklin Signature Carbon STK
Jorja Johnson’s Info

Jorja is a very unique professional player among the couple on our list of how ridiculously talented she is for her age. Still, in her teenage years at 15 in early 2022, she medals in professional tournaments worldwide. Besides, Jorja is a fantastic illustration of how, with the appropriate conditions, you can start to accomplish a lot in your adolescent years.

Jorja comes from a pickleball family. Her brother JW is a young pickleball star, and her parents are active skill players. However, she has won around 20 medals and will continue to improve.

Get to Know Jorja Johnson!

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#7 Irina Tereschenko

Irina Tereschenko

Quick Info

Resides:Fresno, CATurned Pro:2016
Age:40Height: 5′ 10″
Plays:Righ-handedPaddle:Paddletek Bantam EX-L
Irina Tereschenko‘s Info

Irina Tereshenko is a top female pickleball player who has won multiple championships, including the US Open and the USAPA National Championship. Undeniably, with nearly 40 gold medals in significant pickleball tournaments, Irina is a true pickleball pro and someone that female pickleball players across the country aspire to become. However, Irina has been playing pickleball professionally since 2015.

Tereschenko is a player who can regularly strike her targets and keep her opponents off balance. In addition, She is renowned for her reliability and accuracy.

Dinking with Irina Tereschenko – 2019 Golden State Pickleball Championships

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do female pickleball players make?

When it comes to earning in pickleball, it depends on the skill set of the pickleball player. Moreover, an average pickleball will earn up to 50k dollars while the maximum can be 100k dollars. You can find some players, especially young players.

Who are the top 2 pickleball players in the world?

Pickleball rankings are separate for both men’s and women’s divisions. But still, here we have listed two of them while giving a glimpse into all the categories.

1. Ben Johns (No. 1 Top Pickleball Player).
2. Anna Leigh Waters (Best Female Pickleball Player).

Bottom Line

Pickleball is considered one of the best sports choices for women. Apart from this, it forces them to work out and get refreshments. Similarly, today pickleball is growing very fast, and 40% of players are women.

And pickleball officials are also organizing several high-priced pickleball events for players. Looking at those events, they then rank players in each game category. Moreover, this list is also written by looking at that ranking factor and standing.

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