The Dos and Don’ts: What Exercises to Avoid With Tennis Elbow?

If you are in tennis elbow, you are probably already facing many complications. So, you are very aware of pain and inflammation. You may be wondering if someone suggests you exercise with your tennis elbow. On the other hand, if you want to exercise, Then a question might be: what exercises to avoid with tennis elbow?

Of Course, some exercise may be harmful to your tennis elbow. If you are unaware of the activities that may worsen your tennis elbow, look at our top 3 exercises that are harmful to your tennis elbow.

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What Exercises to Avoid With Tennis Elbow? Watch the Video –

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What is Tennis Elbow?

What is Tennis Elbow?

Lateral epicondylitis, commonly known as tennis elbow, is painful when you overuse your forearm muscles and wrist. Putting much pressure on your forearm muscles and wrist causes tennis elbow.

Repetitive gripping or holding activities also pressure your wristband elbow tendons, causing tennis elbow. Furthermore, a sudden shock or vibration to your wrist and elbow also causes tennis elbow.

In addition, a major portion of racquet sports players are the sufferers of tennis elbow. Players of tennis, pickleball, table tennis, badminton, squash, etc., are very familiar with it.

Similarly, the hired hands who do repetitive gripping activities and put immense pressure on their muscle and elbow also get tennis elbows.

Tennis elbow is common among athletes who participate in racket sports, such as tennis and squash, because of the high and repetitive forces these sports place on the wrist extensor muscles.

says Rami Hashish, Ph.D., DPT.

Primarily tennis elbow pain begins from the outer elbow. It starts from where the tendons are attached to the bony bump. Gradually the pain increases and starts to spread. As a result, your hand, wrist, and forearm, together with your shoulder and neck, i.e., the whole upper extremity, begin to hurt.

Signs of Tennis Elbow

The main cause of tennis elbow is overusing your forearm muscle and wrist. It also occurs when you put too much tension on your elbow tendons. The signs and symptoms of tennis elbow come to light gradually. You must notice it at an early age and start the treatment. The signs which will make you sure that you have a tennis elbow are:

  • The first symptom you will see is pain in your outer elbow.
  • Tennis elbow swelled your elbow joints.
  • You will feel the firmness of your hand.
  • You may not be able to grip or hold something.

Does Exercise Help to Avoid Tennis Elbow?

Exercise Help to Avoid Tennis Elbow

Exercise plays a vital role in keeping you healthy. We all know how it helps us to improve our range of motion. It boosts our brain strength and functions, making our mind sound and fresh. Also, it keeps our blood pressure stable and our hearts healthy. In addition, it assists in reducing weight and keeps diseases away.

As mentioned above, tennis elbow occurs when you overuse your muscles and put too much pressure on tendons. Playing is good exercise, especially racquet sports. But playing with improper and unethical techniques increases the tendency of getting tennis elbow.

After getting tennis elbow, you must stop putting pressure on your tendons. Moreover, you must lessen the use of your wrist and forearm muscles. As exercise puts pressure on your tendons, you should terminate such activity.

On the other hand, some exercises help to improve your tennis elbow condition. But to play safe with the injury, most doctors suggest physical therapy or soft tissue massages to regain the power of your tendons.

From my experience, I know that the pain condition is unbearable and can worsen if you don’t take proper care. My doctor advised me to wear an elbow brace, take physical therapy and do some exercises. I must say towel-twisting and ball-squeezing with my hand had my recovery process quickened.

Top 3 Exercises to Avoid with Tennis Elbow

Any kind of repetitive activity is hazardous for your tennis elbow. As for exercise, you have to repeatedly do the same repetitive motions of your body parts. It can be harmful to your normal condition.

In a sentence, avoid exercises that require repetitious gripping or wrist extension.

Straight-Arm Exercise

Straight-Arm Exercise

Straight arm exercise makes your muscles bigger and stronger. It removes the core weakness from the joints and connective tissues. While having a tennis elbow, you must avoid this exercise. Straight arm exercise requires your arm to keep straight and fully stretched. As a result, elbow stretches can strain your muscles.

Often Weight Bearing Exercises

Weight Bearing Exercise

This type of exercise puts much pressure on your wrist. Exercises like chin-ups and push-ups are in the category of weight-bearing exercises. This type of exercise requires your wrist to take all your body weight. As tennis elbow patients must stop pressuring their wrists, they should avoid these exercises.

High-Weight Wrist Exercises

High-weight wrist exercise

Your doctor may prescribe you some wrist exercises for tennis elbow as wrist exercises make your wrist strong and blood flow normal. Doctors prescribe no-weight wrist exercises that don’t create pressure on your wrist. But if you ask to do this exercise with barbells, the answer would be a Big NO because the barbell puts a lot of pressure on your wrist and elbow muscles.

Heavy lifting is not one of the tennis elbow exercises. You can’t even do light-weight exercises; free hand exercises are the way to go, according to the doctor’s suggestion.

Besides exercise, I recommend using an elbow brace to quicken the recovery process.

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Final Words

Tennis elbow is not an uncommon complication for those who do repetitive forearm muscles work. Pain and inflammation are the companions of the victim of tennis elbow. Exercise is helpful for health, but you have to avoid some exercises for tennis elbow.

Yet thinking about what exercises to avoid with tennis elbow? No, right? You have already answered to relieve your stress. By the same token, prevent our recommended exercise when you are in tennis elbow and stay happy and pain-free.

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