Pickleball Pro Footwear: What Pickleball Shoes do the Pros Wear?

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In pickleball, players often overlook the importance of wearing suitable footwear. Yet, it’s vital to recognize its significance in the game as it dramatically affects performance and safety. The essentiality of footwear choice raises the question – what pickleball shoes do the pros wear? Stay tuned as we explore professional picks in our subsequent sections.

In short, they opt for shoes specially designed for pickleball. We’ll explore the reason behind this in this article.

Moreover, shoes designed explicitly for pickleball come with undeniable advantages. They provide improved traction and stability, increased breathability, and enhanced durability.

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Thus, investing in a quality pair of pickleball shoes can enhance your performance while minimizing the potential for injuries. However, the question remains: how does one pick the perfect pair of shoes for pickleball?

As we dive into this detailed guide about pickleball footwear, we’ll answer all your ultimate performance and safety queries, including ‘What pickleball shoes do the pros wear?’ Stay tuned for insights and professional advice.

What are the Best Pickleball Shoes?

The Sport of Pickleball

Are you looking for a fast-paced, energizing sport? Your search ends with pickleball! Interestingly, it merges aspects of tennis, badminton, and table tennis.

The gameplay involves a paddle and a lightweight ball. It’s played on a court smaller than traditional tennis. Moreover, the game is versatile. It allows for play between a pair or two pairs of players, with each player assuming a designated spot.

In pickleball, one crucial rule is that only the team serving has the opportunity to score points. The primary goal is accumulating 11 points, but at least a two-point margin must achieve victory. Therefore, games can often exceed 11 points.

However, pickleball isn’t just about scoring. It demands considerable running, leaping, and swift lateral movements. For these intense physical activities, having proper footwear is crucial.

Serious pickleball players appreciate the importance of supportive and durable shoes. These can help you maintain comfort and agility on the court for multiple games.

So, are you ready to embrace the physical demands of this exciting and speedy game? Before diving in, show up prepared—down to the proper footwear!

Key Features of Pro Pickleball Shoes

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Pickleball, gaining immense popularity, has seen professionals competing at high levels. In this tight contest, the right equipment can be a game-changer. A critical piece of equipment for players is their shoes. Professionals understand the difference a suitable pair of shoes can make in providing essential support and stability.

Grip and Traction

Grip and traction are highly sought-after features in pickleball shoes for professional players. Excellent slip resistance helps prevent falls and maintains stability on the court. Meanwhile, preferences may vary amongst professionals. Some favor a more aggressive tread pattern. Others might choose a smoother sole.

However, pickleball shoes go beyond being typical athletic shoes. They are tailored specifically for the unique demands of this fast-paced sport. They play a crucial role in a professional player’s overall performance. So, plan to invest in a pair with excellent grip and traction for an unbeatable gameplay experience.


Pro players look for shoes with durable rubber soles. Considering pickleball courts can be pretty abrasive and lateral movements are frequent, wear on the sole can be high. Hence, a solid and durable sole prevents slips and falls.

Moreover, the shoe’s tread needs to be durable, as well. Professionals need shoes with robust grips that can withstand constant, forceful movements. Sturdy grips in shoes guarantee stability and prevent injuries during high-stakes games.

In pursuit of durability, top pickleball shoe brands turn to materials like synthetic leather, mesh, and rubber. These materials offer flexibility and strength, making durable shoes without compromising comfort.

Comfort and Fit

The Role in Performance

In addition to functional features, comfort significantly influences player performance. Professionals must have comfortable shoes as they spend endless hours on the court. This ease reduces fatigue and keeps their focus on the game.

Also, the correct fit of the shoe is vital. Shoes should be snug and secure, yet not too tight or restricting. This fit provides better movement control and prevents discomfort or blisters during intense gameplay.

Typical Shoe Sizes/Styles Preferred by Pros

Professional pickleball players prefer shoes slightly bigger than their regular size for game time as their feet swell. This extra room of around 1/2 inch brings more comfort.

Style-wise, popular choices among pros include low-cut shoes with good ankle support or high-top designs for more stability and protection. Eventually, the decision boils down to what each player finds most comfortable to wear on-court.

Choosing Your Pro Pickleball Shoes

Now that we’ve discussed the critical features of pro pickleball shoes let’s explore how to select the best pair for you.

Factors to Consider When Buying

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Before committing to a purchase, some factors warrant reflection.

  • First, think about your most frequently used court type. Different courts can necessitate varying tread patterns and materials to achieve peak performance.
  • Secondly, it’s essential to try on multiple pairs of shoes. Try walking in them to guarantee they fit correctly. It’s worth highlighting that these special shoes will accompany you for extended periods. Hence, comfort holds paramount importance.
  • Lastly, assess the level of support your sweaty feet need. For issues related to the ankle or if extra stability is a requirement, leaning towards high-top shoes with solid ankle support would be beneficial.

How to Choose Pro Pickleball Shoes on a Budget

Acquiring professional pickleball shoes can be a costly affair. However, it doesn’t signify the need to splurge to secure a quality pair. Here are some tips to steer you toward pro-level pickleball shoes without denting your finances.

  • Firstly, scheduling your shopping during off-season sales or scouting for last season’s models can be savvy. They might not boast the latest design, yet they retain identical features at a discounted price.
  • Secondly, consider exploring reputable online retailers. Often, they offer items at discounted prices, presenting an extensive array of brands and styles for selection.
  • Finally, don’t hesitate to explore and try out a variety of brands. The pros might endorse a particular brand. However, that doesn’t have to be your sole choice. Consider seeking comparable attributes in alternative brands that may offer a more affordable price tag.
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Top Brands and Models of Pickleball Shoes

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In pursuit of the perfect pickleball shoe? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we explore top brands and models favored by professionals. These brands cater to diverse individual needs and playing styles, covering various options. So, let’s dive in!


Shoes from Asics, a leading sports brand, are in high demand. Their standout models, like the Gel-Rocket and Gel-Dedicate, capture players with their comfy, durable, and affordable attributes. These shoes shine in indoor and outdoor play with excellent cushioning and stability.


Let’s move on to another power player, Nike. It’s often the first choice for many players. Their pickleball-specific shoes, such as the Air Zoom Vapor X and Court Lite models, are built with innovative technology. These shoes, which are both lightweight and breathable, are designed to elevate performance. They hold a special place in the professionals’ kit and offer superior support and enhanced traction.


While famed for high-quality tennis shoes, Babolat makes its mark in the pickleball sphere. Their Propulse Fury model validates their venture. These shoes, crafted for ultimate lateral stability and support, are ideal for facilitating quick movements on the court. Plus, with top-notch durability, they’ll be your trusty gear for many games.


K-Swiss has successfully anchored its place in tennis and pickleball. Their Hypercourt Express model, tailored for pickleball, is renowned for comfort and stability. Moreover, they offer excellent traction, giving you agility on the court.

New Balance

New Balance takes pride in crafting shoes that assure the perfect fit. Their FuelCell 996v4 model stands as a testimony. With ultimate comfort, support, and a lightweight build, these sturdy shoes are an investment for dedicated pickleball players.


Let’s turn our attention to Adidas, another sportswear titan. Their shoes for pickleball, particularly the SoleCourt Boost model, are favored by pros. These shoes embody Adidas’ Boost technology, promising energy return with each step.


Next, we spotlight Head, famed for top-grade paddles and pickleball shoes. Their distinctive Sprint Pro 3.0 model provides maximum comfort and support in a minimalist form. These shoes, boasting a breathable mesh upper and firm traction, are suitable for indoor and outdoor games.


Although not as famous as other brands, Acacia earned a nod for its pickleball-specialized Elite model. They provide outstanding traction and stability. Perfect for players demanding swift court movements, these shoes offer comfort during prolonged matches with extra cushioning and support.


Sketchers, typically known for casual shoes, have also ventured into shoes for pickleball. The GoRun Razor model is lightweight and flexible, offering stability and support. The shoe’s reactive padding design suits players who value quickness and skill.

Bear in mind what works well for one may not work for you. Therefore, feel free to explore various brands and models until you discover a pair that fits you flawlessly.

What Pickleball Shoes Do the Pros Wear?

Men’s Doubles RankPlayerShoe
1Ben JohnsBabolat Men’s Jet Mach 3
2Collin JohnsBabolat Men’s Jet Mach 3
3Dylan FrazierBabolat Men’s Propulse Fury All Court
4JW JohnsonK-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Supreme
5Matt WrightBabolat Men’s Jet Tere All Court
6Riley NewmanPropulse Blast All Court
7Tyson McguffinSkechers Men’s Viper Court
8Jay DevilliersK-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express 2
9Thomas WilsonDiadora Speed B.Icon
10Tyler LoongAcacia Men’s Signature Tyler Loong Edition
Pro’s Pickleball Shoes

Footwear Care and Maintenance Tips

As with athletic shoes, proper care and maintenance are crucial for extending their lifespan and ensuring they perform at their best. Here are some tips to keep your pickleball shoes in top condition:

Proper Cleaning

After a game or practice session:

  1. Clean your pickleball shoes thoroughly.
  2. Eliminate any dirt or particles from the soles and utilize a mild cleaning solution to clean the synthetic upper part of the shoes.
  3. It’s best to avoid harsh cleaning agents, which can potentially degrade the shoe’s materials.

Drying and Storage

Avoid leaving your pickleball shoes wet after cleaning. Instead, remove any excess moisture with a towel and let them air dry naturally. Keeping your shoes in an area with good air circulation is also crucial to avoid bacterial accumulation.


Alternating between multiple pairs of pickleball shoes is suggested to extend their longevity. For bacteria prevention, keeping your shoes in a well-ventilated area is encouraged. Notably, it allows each pair of shoes to fully dry before wearing them again.

Techniques Used by Professionals

Professional players strictly adhere to a care routine, prolonging the lifespan of their shoes. Regular cleaning is crucial, especially after playing outdoors, and helps prevent the build-up of dirt.

Cleaning Materials and Procedure

Comfortable tools and materials are typically used for cleaning. These often include mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush. Equally important is the drying process. It’s recommended to air-dry shoes to maintain their structure.

Rotation and Replacement

In addition to general shoe care, professionals commonly alternate between multiple pairs. This approach allows for even distribution of wear. A crucial part of the routine includes replacing shoes regularly. This practice is essential as worn-out soles can compromise stability and lead to injury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What brands do the pros wear in the game?

Professional players usually wear popular sports brands. The chosen brand may differ based on individual liking, sponsorships, or specific needs.

Is there a significant difference between regular tennis shoes and pro pickleball shoes?

Indeed, there’s a distinct difference. PShoes designed for pickleball are specifically crafted with the game’s quick movements in mind. Hence, they offer excellent grip and stability.

How frequently do the pros change or replace their shoes?

Pros often switch between pairs. They usually replace their shoes every few months. Nonetheless, the specific replacement frequency of pickleball shoes can hinge on two factors. First, the intensity of use can play a role. Second, consider the rate at which the shoes show wear and tear.

What are some common shoe issues pros encounter while playing?

Pros often deal with multiple issues. These may include worn-out soles, a loss of grip leading to slips, or discomfort due to improper cushioning or fit.

How can I make my shoes last like those of the pros?

Regular care can extend the lifespan of your shoes. This care includes cleanliness and proper air drying. Furthermore, rotating between pairs can also help. To add even more longevity to your shoes, consider avoiding rough surfaces.

Bottom Line

As we wrap up this post, one of our main objectives was to answer, ‘What pickleball shoes do the pros wear?’ We wanted to highlight how these choices significantly affect their on-court performance.

One aspect we discussed in detail was the importance of shoe durability, comfort, and grip. Each characteristic supports a player’s movements while playing this exciting sport.

As you continue refining your skills and improving your pickleball game, let’s not forget how crucial it is to invest in quality shoes. These shoes can maximize your potential and elevate your performance.

So, keep practicing and always put safety first. And, most importantly, indulge in the adrenaline-filled game of pickleball.

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